WeCare Rite Aid Survey – Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey at wecare.riteaid.com

Complete this short WeCare Rite Aid survey from Rite Aid Pharmacy to get a chance to win a cash reward worth $100 to $1000.

Visit www.wecare.riteaid.com to take the official Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your recent experience at the pharmacy will be evaluated through this survey. The company will have a greater incentive to exceed your expectations in this case. This survey is administered online and can be completed at your convenience.

The results of the survey will help the company improve its products and services based on customer input. You’ll also be entered to win one of ten $100 prizes or $1,000 if you win the drawing. You can provide feedback without doing anything to enter the giveaway.

Survey RewardCash Reward Worth $100 – $1000
Time to Complete5 Minutes or less
Receipt Valid For14 Days
Coupon Valid For

How to take WeCare Rite Aid Survey?

  1. Proceed to the nearby Rite Aid and make your purchase, keeping the receipt for later.
  2. Click here to proceed to the official Rite Aid survey at wecare.riteaid.com.
    Make your language selection and continue with the survey.
  3. To proceed, please enter the 16-digit code printed on the front of your Rite Aid pharmacy receipt.
  4. After filling out the form, you can begin providing feedback by pressing the Start button.
  5. According to the instructions, please begin answering questions about your most recent experience.
  6. Please continue to provide honest responses to all remaining survey questions.
  7. Provide your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. in the appropriate field.
  8. To enter the Rite Aid Survey and Win contest, fill out the form completely.
  9. You’ll be entered into the contest shortly and notified via message.
  10. Keep your fingers crossed until the sweepstakes organizer makes the winner announcement.
  11. You can win one of ten cash prizes of $100 each in the form of a check or the grand prize of $1,000 in the same format.

Taking part in the WeCare Rite Aid survey is confirmed. If you’re a winner, the Rite Aid staff will get in touch with you via the details you provided and mail you a check for $100 or $1,000, depending on which prize you won.

How to take WeCare Rite Aid Survey at wecare.riteaid.com

Rite Aid Store Survey Rules

  • You must legally live in the United States or the District of Columbia to be eligible.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 can take part in the survey.
  • You will need a recent receipt from a Rite Aid Pharmacy and the survey invitation code to get into the survey.
  • Each receipt can only be entered once.
  • One can participate in online surveys up to three times per month, while there is no limit on how often one can send in a paper survey.
  • You have 14 days after your purchase to complete the survey.
  • The monthly limit per household is one survey.
  • Aside from the online entry method, no purchase is necessary to enter.
  • You may not give or sell the prize to another person.
  • Family members and friends of people who work at or worked at Rite Aid are not allowed in.

Survey Tips & Tricks

  • Save your receipt with the survey code in case you need it while doing the survey.
  • Have no survey code? Simply make one purchase and keep the bill receipt to get a survey code to take part in the survey.
  • As far as I can tell, there is no restriction on the number of times you can do the survey and receive the coupon code; all you need is a new purchase receipt with a new survey code.

About Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rite Aid is an American drugstore chain that was founded in 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The headquarters of Rite Aid Corporation can be found in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Thrift D Discount Center opened in 1962 as the first Rite Aid pharmacy. The shares of Rite Aid Corporation can be purchased by the general public through the New York Stock Exchange. As the third-largest drugstore chain in the United States, behind only CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens, Rite Aid is a Fortune 500 company.

Rite Aid Pharmacy Contact Details

Phone Number: +1-800-748-3243

Rite Aid Pharmacy Social Media:

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  4. General FAQs: riteaid.com/faq/general
  5. Wellness Related FAQs: riteaid.com/faq/wellness-faqs


So this is all about the WeCare Rite Aid Survey. In this blog post, I did my best to provide some useful information about the Rite Aid Store Customer Survey.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the StoreSurvey.RiteAid article. To enter to win a $100 or $1000 Cash Prize, please take a moment to fill out this survey at wecare.riteaid.com.

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